Mephisto Shoes FAQs


How Do I Figure Out My Shoe Size?


THE PROPER FITTING FACTOR: Most people have never experienced proper fitting of their footwear. It may be that your Mephistos will fit differently than any shoe you have ever worn. This is a common experience and it should be noted that proper fit is critical to comfort. With walking, it is important to give your toes a substantial degree of freedom. They should never be “locked in”, one against another. The proper fit of Mephistos will provide plenty of room in the toe area. The same thinking applies to the heel area. The Mephisto heel is not designed to fit snug. A true comfort walking shoe flexes and bends with your foot. There is absolutely no need for the heel of a shoe to fit tight. When wearing Mephistos, your foot should be cradled, not bound. If your shoes hurt your feet, do not wear them. A properly fitting shoe should not have to be “broken in” to be comfortable - they should be comfortable from the very first step you take.



SIZING: Sizing can vary from style to style which means you may not wear the same size in all your shoes. Below are some size conversion charts which offer some general guidelines for converting your size to another scale as well as approximate lengths of the feet each size is intended to fit. Both feet should be measured, as most people have one foot which is larger than the other. It’s also a good idea to measure your feet at the end of the day as they are usually slightly larger at that time. Please keep in mind length is only one dimension. Feet are three-dimensional, so width and thickness of the feet should also be considered.

Take a look at our Mephisto Shoes Size Conversion Chart.


Do You Offer Gift Certificates?


YES. For all your gift giving needs, give a gift certificate so they can pick out their own favorite shoes. Call Doreen at 1-(321) 259-5233 to purchase or redeem!



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